$750 Ecommerce Website


Business site comes with 5 Pages, Home Page Slider & Contact form

E-Commerce site comes with 5 Products,  Store, Home & Contact Pages. (additional products and pages & features cost more)


Pay a 50% deposit per item


Not long ago, if you wanted a website, you had to be willing to shell out at least a few grand for the most basic of static sites. I remember about ten years ago at a firm I worked for, quotes for ecommerce sites, or sites with other dynamic features, would be over $20,000!

If you’re not a developer, designer, or even a web person, but you have a business or brand that you want to get online, here are some hosts you can sign up with that won’t require you to hire design services or developers.

What’s It Going to Cost Me?

The answer is, having a website is pretty stinking cheap these days. Most of the following hosts have plans starting at FREE! And unless you have hundreds of thousands of visitors a day, less than $10 a month gets you a pretty powerful setup.

But First, a Bonus!

Before we get into web hosting, it’s worth mentioning that if you have a business, and especially if you cater to local clients in your area, you should get your business listed on maps!

Many people use Google Maps or other map services to find businesses while they travel, or just as a normal way to search (I do!). It makes sense to update your listing on the most popular map services.