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When a person is first introduced to your company he/she will conclude a quick judgement about your brand. For this reason creating a memorable, elegant, and attractive logo is very important.
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A logo  design is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization.

Logo design is the chief visual component of a company’s overall brand identity. The logo appears on stationery, websites, business cards and advertising. For that reason, a well-designed logo can contribute to business success, while a substandard logo can imply amateurishness and turn off potential customers. However, a logo should cohere well with other aspects of a company’s visual presentation: No logo, however well designed, can look good when surrounded by contradictory graphical elements or inconsistent fonts. This is why a logo is the basic unit of a larger brand identity that includes company fonts, colors and document-design guidelines.

P6 Brand Agency Brand Marketing and Brand Design Firm: We are Atlanta, Georgia’s premiere conceptual and design experts. We specialize is Marketing Plans, Printing, Photography, Web Design, Consulting and Graphic Brand Design. Our Postcards, Business Cards, Banners, Compcards, Stickers, Posters, Door Hangers, T-Shirts, Websites, CD Covers, DVD Covers, Marketing Proposals are the best in the business and are top quality for great pricing.